Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Brooke began her eventing career with the support of her “non-horsey” parents, Ron and Joan Bayley. Ron and Joan helped Brooke gain access to some of the best trainers in the area to begin learning the ropes of the sport with a leased out 20 year-old Leopard Appaloosa, Checkers.  Once Brooke competed in her first Beginner Novice, she was hooked. A favorite memory was when a clinician asked Brooke her goals (meaning just for the day) and Brooke simply answered, “Well I would eventually like to buy my own horse and go to Rolex.”

As she moved up the levels, her trainer, 1992 Olympian Todd Trewin, helped the Bayley family buy their first horse, My Kona Boy. Bought to do just Novice, Kona ended up taking Brooke to her first Preliminary only a short 2 years after she started eventing. As talented as the beautiful dark bay thoroughbred was, he just did not want to compete at the upper levels. So as the jumps got bigger, Brooke just wanted to ride more leading to the purchase of another horse, Savoy Six. Savoy was an experienced upper level event horse known for her strong cross country phase and difficulty on the flat. She was able to give Brooke her first taste of real upper level competition and took Brooke to the West Coast National Young Rider Championship in 2009. They flew around the last long format CCI* offered and Brooke knew this is what she wanted to do.

After an unfortunately injury just before Brooke and Savoy moved up to Intermediate and after they were selected to represent Area VII at the North American Junior Young Rider Championships, Brooke turned back to her first horse to achieve her goal of competing at NAJYRC. Since dressage always came easily to Kona, they decided to take on the lofty goal of trying to qualify to compete against the best young riders in the country in a discipline neither had ever competed in before. With the help of a great young coach, Courtney Briones, Brooke and Kona managed to win their first dressage outing at 3rd level and continue on to be selected to represent Region 6 at the 2011 NAJYRC. Although Kona had a difficult trip across the country to Kentucky, he represented his region well. On their return home, Kona successfully moved up to Prix St. George before Brooke went to college in Virginia.

Kona Dressage
Through college and during an untimely gap year due to a case of Mono, Brooke continued to bring up young horses all the way from green broke 3 year olds to their first CIC/CCI* competitions. To help a few barns, Brooke has worked to help ride and bring along horses in eventing, hunter/jumper and dressage for other professionals. Due to the nature of working with young horses, Brooke learned how to work with horses better on the ground in order to develop a connection on and off of the horse. Brooke regularly goes back to working on the ground to continue the connection.

In addition to her riding, Brooke enjoys teaching and seeing the progress of her students. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to go on a trail ride or to jump around your first Training level event course or to help train your own young horse, Brooke is there to help you along the way. She is flexible and tries to work specifically on what you and your horse need that day.
Brooke looks forward to meeting and working with you and your horse!